Ambassador of Compassion Training: 2020


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Ambassador of Compassion Training©

(ACT: 2020)

A 10-month Experiential Compassion Training

starting January 2020


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  • Instructors:      Robert Cusick & Neelama Eyres & other guest subject-matter experts
  • Dates:                Jan 10 – Nov 15, 2020
  • Location:          San Francisco Peninsula


Ambassador of Compassion Training©™

ACT: 2020

Are you ready to bring compassion into the world in a tangible way?

This training will equip you with the toolkit you need to

bring compassion into real-world settings.

Over the course of this 10 month training, we will meet for 3 in-person trainings. These on-site workshop retreats are designed to be highly immersive and experiential and are scheduled in the beginning of the program, mid-way through, and at the end of the training.  In between the live trainings, we will have two online Zoom sessions per month.  The first session will be a didactic/practice session which will combine teaching and experiential processes associated with that month’s module.  The second session will be an opportunity to bring questions, challenges, and real-world issues into a smaller group and receive direct coaching from Robert and Neelama and other guest subject-matter experts.

Ambassador Teams: Capstone Projects (CP)

An essential part of becoming an Ambassador of Compassion is to be a representative of compassion, bringing it into your workplaces and professional lives and into your personal and family daily life relationships .  A key component of this training will include a capstone project (CP) that each trainee will design, execute, and present with the support of their Ambassador teams, along with our support and guidance.

As you move through the journey of creating and developing your CP, you’ll be assigned to an Ambassador Team where you can give and receive support to other trainees as they work to develop their individual CP.   Your Ambassador Team will be a community to which you can bring your ideas, discuss design concepts, support each other to refine your projects, and get feedback on your CP over our ten months together.

Training Outline:

I. Live Training Session #1:

January 10-12, 2020:  Becoming a Compassion Ambassador©™

II. Monthly Modules:

February: “Mindfulness in the Service of Compassion”©™

March: Resiliency: A Skillful Recognition and Response to Triggers©™

April: Compassion or Empathy?

May: Compassionate Relationships (with self and others)

III. Live Training Session #2:

June 5-7, 2020: Compassionate Coaching and Facilitation Skills©™

IV. Monthly Modules Continued:

July: Compassionate Communication©™

August: Break (Integration and CP Work)

September: Diversity and Compassionate Conflict Resolution©™

October: Compassion, Forgiveness and Reconciliation©™

V. Live Training Session #3:

November 13-15, 2020: Capstone Presentations and Graduation

VI. Final Module:

November: Compassionate Action: Bringing it into the world!©™


Robert Cusick trained at Stanford University School of Medicine in the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education (CCARE). He is a Stanford Lecturer and Certified Sr. Stanford CCT™ (Compassion Cultivation Training) Instructor and teaches at Stanford University, UCSF, Kaiser Permanente Medical Centers and in multiple other venues. As a long time meditator and former monk, Robert ordained in Burma under the renowned meditation master, Ven. Pa Auk Sayadaw, and studied with him from 2003 – 2012. He has studied in the Soto Zen tradition, in the Ridhwan School’s Diamond approach with A. H. Almaas (Hameed Ali), and in the Insight Meditation tradition with Gil Fronsdal PhD, Jack Kornfield PhD, and others. He provides grief counseling and bereavement support for adults and children at Kara kara– in Palo Alto, where he co-leads men’s grief groups and facilitates retreats for fathers grieving the death of a child. He serves as an Educational Consultant at Kara and directs, teaches and co-facilitates trainings for Kara’s Caregivers Forum and Adult Services Program. Robert sits on the Board of Directors of the Sati Center for Buddhist Studies

Neelama Eyres received her degree in Comparative Religion from the University of Rochester in 1993. She is co-founder, facilitator and lead trainer of The Inner Journey Institute, a non-profit organization that has delivered transformational seminars across the US, Canada and Europe since 1999. Her background includes the study of Eastern spirituality and Western psychology, facilitating meditation and yoga retreats, personal growth workshops, counseling homeless people, teaching children, coaching men, women and couples, and co-authoring a book on Compassionate Divorce. Neelama studied the Diamond Logos Work under Faisal Muquaddin, where she acquired a unique blend of psychological and spiritual techniques to help people access true nature and inherent essential/spiritual states. Her extensive travels throughout Southeast Asia and India have given Neelama an extraordinary depth of experience in Eastern spiritual traditions which, like her extensive studies of Western traditions, is reflected in her work. 


Please read the waiver of liability and cancellation/refund policy below and electronically sign by selecting the checkbox for the waiver and selecting the checkbox for the cancellation/refund policy. Students must understand and complete the waiver and cancellation/refund policy in order to register for and attend the Ambassador of Compassion Training: 2020.

Waiver of Liability

I accept full responsibility for my health and voluntarily complete this Acknowledgment and Waiver of Liability. I understand and agree that the services and tools offered by Robert Cusick and Neelama Eyres are not intended to replace or be substituted for medical or psychiatric care. It is recognized that the trainings may at times make participants feel vulnerable. “AMBASSADOR OF COMPASSION TRAINING: 2020™” is not a therapeutic intervention for psycho-pathological disorders as defined in the DSM, and is not meant to be used as such. By completing this release and consent I assume all risk for any physical or mental consequences of participating in the course. By signing this release I also specifically and expressly agree to hold harmless, indemnify and release Robert Cusick and Neelama Eyres and each of their respective employees, partners, agents and associates from any and all liability for the results of the educational guidance that will be or has been provided. Moreover, I acknowledge that the particulars shared in this 3-day workshop by other participants are to be maintained as confidential. I will not blog or otherwise report on content shared in this class in any form of media. I also acknowledge that taking this course does not entitle participants to teach course content or represent themselves as affiliates to or with Robert Cusick and Neelama Eyres.

Cancellation/Refund Policy

Full refunds may only be issued if your cancellation request is received no later than November 15th, 2019 prior to start of the workshop on January 10th 2020. A partial refund (minus a $250 processing fee) may be issued if the cancellation request is received 6 weeks before the first class session. No refunds will be made for cancellations less than 6 weeks before the first class session.

All refund requests must be sent by email to


Ambassador of Compassion Training©™- 2020

Payment is required to complete the registration process.

ACT: 2020 Course Tuition $4295

(2020 tuition is set at the pilot price of $4295. Fees for 2021 and beyond will increase.)

Tuition does not include food and accommodation for the live retreats.

Option 1: If payment in full is received before September 15, 2019, a $300 discount applies, reducing the total tuition to $3995.

Option 2: If you choose to pay the course tuition in installments, a $995 DEPOSIT secures your space in the training. 

 The remaining balance is due in 3 equal installments, as follows:

$1100 – Sept 15, 2019
$1100 – Oct. 15, 2019
$1100 – Nov 15, 2019

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